Since 1990 Fidi BC has always paid attention to details.

We are based in Lugano and we operate in the sector of national and international financial and commercial services.

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We offer customised and high-level solutions: this is the only way to help you achieve success.


The organization’s size allows for a great level of harmony at work, which is a perfect condition for developing a personal relationship with customers.


Two strong points: the high level of our team’s professional preparation, and the ability to assist customers with personalized services.

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Start a business in Switzerland?

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Entrust your accounting to experts in the field?

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In the financial and commercial services world, seek professional help is mandatory. You need people who know perfectly the marke, the ones with experience and seriousness that make the difference.

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A solid company starts from the basics and from excellent planning


Complete tax assistance, both nationally and internationally

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The strategic skills about representing companies in any context


Total attention to details

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Ongoing observation of real estate market trends

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